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We at Sāndipani believe in making every learning experience joyful for the child. While planning the methodology to transact the curriculum, the “Joy Quotient” is kept as the top priority. The instruction comprises both formal and non-formal teaching techniques.

Role play, hands on activities, labs, projects are a regular feature of the lesson plans. The choice of teaching methods to be used depends largely on the information or skill that is being taught, and is influenced by the aptitude and enthusiasm of the students. The teaching is supported by teaching aids and technology. Every class is equipped with e-boards with suitable teaching software to make the lessons interesting and their impact long lasting.

Project approach to consolidate the concepts through real life experience is an integral part of the teaching in primary classes. Here, the teacher becomes a facilitator and children learn by experience and discovery.

Mathematics, Science, Hindi and Social Studies labs are provided for the children to explore and understand the concepts taught in classrooms.