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Classrooms are e-enabled, complete with computers, projectors, speakers, and relevant software, such as Class Edge. Every subject also has a library of e-content available for the teacher and students. All these go a long way in ensuring a wholesome learning experience for the child.





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Primary Library

High School Library



Safety & Security

In collaboration with the National Civil Defense College and CAC- All Rounder, the staff and students are regularly trained for Disaster Management techniques. Moreover a mock evacuation drill is conducted every 6 months in all the campuses under the surveillance of the Fire Department.



School is equipped with a fully stacked Sick Room. These have all necessary medicines administered by a trained nurse so that at least First Aid is administered in case of injury or sudden sickness. Parents are also informed in case the child continues to be uncomfortable.



Sāndipani School have buses running to and from schools to all parts of the city. Bus services are optional so those who wish to use other means to commute to school such as private vehicles, autos, vans, car pools etc may do so.



School has a fully equipped school canteen, which the school has outsourced to others yet keeps a strict check on the variety and quality of food served. The menu includes full traditional lunches and healthy snacks as well as soft drinks but no aerated drink—all this at very reasonable prices.