The School Curriculum

The School runs as an Unaided Private Institution. S?ndipani follows Central Board of Secondary Education Curriculum from Nursery to Std. XII. (Affiliation No.1130124, School Code-30096) S?ndipani encourages a robust, vibrant and holistic education that engenders excellence in every sphere of human endeavour. Reaching out to the community is included in the curriculum. Students do a lot of social work voluntarily which inculcates a sense of understanding and belongingness. Giving back to society and nature is an integral part of their learning experience.



Foundational Stage (Nursery to Grade II) : At S?ndipani we believe that children must have a strong foundation in the early years to excel in later years. We understand that education in the early years is vitally important for the children to acquire basic skills hence, we focus on developing and strengthening the Foundational Literacy and Numeracy of the young learners. 

The school provides an informal, flexible, play/activity-based instructional approach that focuses on domain-based learning outcomes, informal assessments through observations, inculcation of healthy habits for life and positive socialization of the young learners with their peers.

Teacher-Pupil Ratio : 1:15 (Nursery – Montessori II)   

Teacher –Pupil Ratio : 1:30 (Std. I & Std. II)

Co-curricular Activities : 10



Preparatory Stage : (Grade III to V)

The preparatory stage is where a child transforms into an individual of thought and action. At this stage, we impart education through the discovery approach of learning which involves ‘learning by doing’ through exploration of the environment. S?ndipani follows a more formal yet interactive classroom teaching in the preparatory years with play, discovery and activity-based pedagogy that helps students analyse, understand and apply knowledge in crucial situations.

Teacher-Pupil Ratio : 1:30

Co-curricular Activities : 12


Middle Stage : (Grade VI to VIII)

At this stage, we focus on an integrated and inter-disciplinary approach to ensure a more meaningful, holistic and cohesive learning experience for the students. S?ndipanians are encouraged to make practical connections between their studies and real-world situations. We aspire to make our students self-driven learners, who work on the skill-based conceptual understanding and complete with themselves as envisioned by NEP 2020. These students are actively involved in social work and are a major part of the activities at Dr. Shrikant Jichkar Foundation, which instils in them a sense of responsibility towards the well being of society. 

Teacher-Pupil Ratio : 1:30

Co-curricular Activities : 12



Secondary Stage : (Grade IX to XII)

This stage comprises four years of multidisciplinary study with greater depth, critical thinking, attention to life aspirations, greater flexibility and student choice.

During these years, at S?ndipani, we encourage students to pioneer new ways of learning. The holistic and experiential nature of learning balances knowledge, understanding skills and ensures that students are well-prepared for their future endeavors.

The students learn in an atmosphere that satisfies their inquisitiveness and allows them to pursue individual interests and focus on their eventual career choices.

The students in grades XI and XII are given a plethora of subject choices to choose from the two streams, Science and Commerce.