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(The Eco Club)


With the objective to instil in our students the felling of belongingness, compassion and empathy towards Nature, the school had made a humble beginning in this direction in the year 1999. Now, the eco club has more than 500 committed members, who actively participating in various environment protection and awareness programmes conducted in house as well as by various Government and NGO groups. Exciting, adventurous and educative tours are parts of the programmes.




There are four Houses in the school. All the students from Std. I to Std. X are in one of the four Houses and they remain in the same House right throughout their school life. The main objective of the House System is to inculcate a sense of unity, pride and belonging. More important it develops a sense of collective responsibility that motivates them to put their best efforts to raise their house flag highest in all inter-House Competitions.


(SATYA) BLUE   : Stands for truth and truth alone triumphs.

(NYAYA) GREEN : Upholds justice.

(ABHAYA) RED  : Symbolises fearlessness

(VINAYA) YELLOW : Stands for humbleness.


Each house is headed by a House Captain, Vice- Captain and Prefects. The Head Boy and Head Girl are the overall in-charges.

The system of prefect-council managing the four Houses, helps to develop a spirit of team work and co-ordination.


Co-Curricular Activities